On Being Humbled.

This is a story of a junior football player, and a rather delusional one at that. This boy had gotten a copy of Madden the year prior and had a growing interest in the sport because of it. After a year of Madden and the Sunday Ticket, he had amassed quite the knowledge base of the game of football.

He decided to take this knowledge and go to the next level and signed up at the local parks and rec. There was only one problem. He was playing at the level of 12 year olds while thinking he was on field with the pros.

Halfway through the season they had a special opportunity to “play” with some professionals.

And they mopped the field with his face.

This is the type of experience I recently had and it was—by far—the largest cognitive dissonance I have ever experienced. It is an experience I hope anyone who considers themself a craftsman experiences.

I’m still working through the process of this new understanding of myself. It’s not comfortable.

Growth never is.