The End of a Chapter

Posted August 11, 2015

This week marks the end of the best chapter of my career. The past four years at Skookum have without question changed my life. I came in knowing hardly a thing and today am a mostly competent developer. At Skookum I have worked alongside some of the smartest people I have ever met.

I’m very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish over the past few years. We’ve shipped such a vast array of projects with such a diverse set of technologies. We have had a direct impact on many companies success in the market and improved the lives of our clients employees through the time savings we’ve enabled them to make.

About a year ago I changed my role to work less on our client projects and focus on our development culture and investing in our community. Skookum now hosts many tech meetup events including the Skookum Tech Talks, CharlotteJS, iOS, Android, Google Developer, and Functional Programming (okay, fine, that one is basically non-existent still) meetups every month. We’ve invested in the community through sponsoring Blend Conf or our annual multi-meetup holiday party, and attendance to hackathons such as CharlotteHeartsGigabit.

On the technical side, we’ve been working to objectively increase the caliber of the products we release by having better access to continuous integration tools, employing static analysis tools, linters, and other metrics to ensure we’re delivering stable products.

Skookum is—in my totally unbiased opinion—the best team to work for in Charlotte, NC. Even though my time as a paid team member is ending I will continue to be involved through continuing to organize the Skookum Tech Talks and CharlotteJS.

Thank you, Skookum, for the opportunity to be known as on of you for a season.

These words brought to you by Dustan Kasten. A friendly, bearded, husband, father, and user interface engineer living in Charlotte, NC. Considers himself quite partial to React.js these days. Find @iamdustan on Twitter