On Almost Starting A Company

Who knew funemployment could be so busy! I haven’t written much here or contributed much to open source. I have done a pretty decent job on the other goals from my intentions, though.

I’m fairly confident in who I want to work for next, so I decided to take advantage of this time at taking a swing at starting a company. A couple friends and I spent the past couple weeks working extremely hard at putting a coworking space together.

We found a beautiful space in Cornelius, NC, received a preliminary commitment to funding the buildout required, and started designing the space. Throughout the course of our market research, though, we learned that we likely would not be able to scale to the size necessary to cover the initial capital in an appropriate timeframe.

There are other details I’d be happy to expound if you ever happen to get coffee with me. All in all it was still an great learning experience. I co-filed for an LLC for the first time ever. I looked at office space and discussed leasing agreements. I calculated costs and revenue expectations across a number of possible outcomes.

Now that that is off the table I suppose I’ll go back to preparing some conference talks. See you at ReactConf and React.London!