About this website

I haven’t published in a few years. Mostly because I last updated this site on a pre-1.0 version of Gatsby that Kyle Matthews and I put together in 15 minutes during a React Conf session.

I expect this to continue to be a public location for random notes, thoughts, and ideas. Those will likely be shallow entries across music, engineering management, software engineering, visual development, neovim, and Obsidian.

About Dustan Kasten

I am a software engineering manager by day, who still can’t escape vim. In another life, I’d be a professional musician, but instead you can just walk by my house to hear the sounds of why I most definitely am not.


About pages always felt to sales-and-marketing for me, so recently I stumbled across https://nownownow.com/about. This collection of pages is a snapshot into who I am and what I do.