React Hardware
React bindings for Arduino’s and other physical devices

Bringing React to the Physical World

React Hardware embraces React Native’s “Learn Once, Write Anywhere” motto and enables you to apply your React component model to hardware and physical devices.


The original article regarding React Hardware can be seen at

Hardware can already be powered by JavaScript, although none provide such a declarative or composable abstraction as React. Seeing how revolutionary React and the ecosystem around it has been for user interface engineering, it seems likely that these same models could be applied to physical devices. React Hardware aims to enable another generation of JavaScript developers an easy platform for controlling hardware as well as open up a new platform for experimentation and tooling.

Some experiments to look forward to are:

  • Flux and Redux with hardware (including Redux DevTools)
  • React DevTools for in-browser viewing and editing of your hardware tree
  • Live reloading (of simple data points)
  • Render hardware models (such as frizting)) and control your device from the same codebase. (Universal JavaScript 3.0)
Documentation licensed under CC BY 4.0.